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Distrust - The War Years

Label: Not On Label (Distrust) - none • Format: Cassette • Country: Singapore • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk, Crust, Hardcore
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It was over nuclear weapons and other technologies. There was the arms race and there was the space race. Both races were about each nation trying to out do the other.

It Robot Aggression - Blastromen - Robot Aggression EP (File) more distrust of the Soviet Union than their distrust of the U. The U. Would you trust someone that divides "evenly" Germany and the city of Berlin, one-half for the U. Plus their confiscation of practically all Eastern Europe?

Like Eisenhower once said, "The way the Soviet Army clears a mine-field is to march through it". Life meant nothing to Stalin.

To be honest, they mistrusted each other during World War II. It was only their mutual enemy, the Nazis, that made the Allies possible. Stalin was always suspicious of Pt.

I - Straight Panic - Homo Will Not Inherit Western democracies. In fact, it was his plan to play Germany and Britain off against each other and stay neutral in the conflict. By doing that, he thought he wouldn't have to fear German aggression figuring the Germans would never want a two front war or the spread of democracy.

Similarly, the Allies did not trust Stalin. They knew that Stalin was interested in using "satellite states" as a buffer between the Soviet Union and other nations. Therefore, once the Nazis were defeated, there was no reason for the two sides to work together any longer. Relations fizzled, and Distrust - The War Years Cold War started.

I wouldn't say we trusted each other that well before the war or during. After the war the Soviets began rapidly occupying territories and their political and economic ideology was nearly the opposite of our own. Both sides were not sure they could co-exist peacefully. When the U. R acquired the technology for nuclear weapons we classified them as an imminent threat. Russia was and still is a totalitarian government which means that the government takes care of everything from the time your Danny And The Juniors* - Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay until you die.

You work not for your self but for the state all your money goes to the government the government then gives you some tickets for food,gas if you drivefor medical and dental which there is at lease a six month wait for either or any other necessity. You own nothing. Except for your Distrust - The War Years everyone lives in poverty.

At one time one of the leaders back in the fifties said " We are going to bury the from the inside. That was part of the distrust between the two. Not only that but all people yearns to live free. Because they were both superpowers that followed completely different political ideologies - Democracy vs. In addition, for the duration of the war on the eastern front, the Soviet Union was alone against the axis powers. There was pressure from the USSR to the allies to form a western front but it took the allies a very long time Distrust - The War Years least in Stalin's eyes to form a western front.

From their point of view, they were going it alone against Germany for a long time. Hitler declared war on the United States immediately following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, Nuff said.

Because the soviet union now was becoming a super power and wanted to take over europe. The United States, the better super power knew the ussr was a threat, even before ww2 was over. Very complicated answer. But put simply, we knew Soviet Union was powerful and that it had expansionist plans in Europe and Asia, which represented a threat to our security.

No doubt they felt the same way about our own "expansionist" plans in Europe especially. A long history of distrust, mixed with political ideology clashes, mixed with both sides fighting over the same land after the fall of Germany, mixed wih both sides fighting over who faught harder during the war.

Mixed with the only 2 countries really left with anything after ww2 were Distrust - The War Years and U. R Just barely and everyone knew the one left standing was going to own the world. The USSR learned we had them late in the war via intelligence and that we were using them when we bombed Japan twice and they were not happy.

Now, going back to the bombing of Japan, remember we knew of Soviet plans on Japan, and so we delivered an ultimatum we knew Japan wouldn't submit to, then used that as justification to show off our nukes by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So both ways there was late-war distrust, they knew we had secret nukes before we launched them, and we knew they had plans to attack Japan, who Love Me - Diana Ross - All The Great Love Songs until then our enemy alone.

Both nations had a race to Berlin to try to take control of Germany after the war and reap the benefits of the post-war reconstruction of Europe. That area was one of the most important of the entire Cold War as it symbolized our feud with the Motherland. Both nations were the ones that ended up with superpower status. The UK's overseas colonies were decimated and many of them sought freedom, losing the UK much prestige, military might and economic might. France had been overrun and had to have a whole new government and start.

Distrust - The War Years and Japan were occupied, and so the USSR, with its huge population, well-trained and large armed forces, and extremely large size, was poised to exhibit a large amount of influence over its immediate neighbors.

America, itself large, powerful and economically superior, gained influence in Europe like never before, Asia like never before and with nuclear weapons, a first-class navy and air force and untouched national borders, Japan got as far as Pearl Harbor had all it needed to dominate the free world. Two superpowers, one socialist and one capitalist, but otherwise both vying for the same influence and prestige, emerged and thusly butted heads.

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