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Hannibal Crossing the Alps - Robert Moog - Bob Moog Live 1980

Label: Bob Moog Foundation - No Number • Format: CD Album, Limited Edition • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Modern Classical
Download Hannibal Crossing the Alps - Robert Moog - Bob Moog Live 1980

On 23 MayRobert Moog was linked from Googlea high-traffic website. See visitor traffic. All prior and subsequent edits to the article are noted in its revision history. He was Jewish and is buried in a Jewish cemetery. Robert Moog wrote the foreword, including his experiences with the theremin. Best regards, Bernd — The preceding unsigned comment was added by I think just the pronounciation in the IPA is enough,without the admonishment not to mispronounce! This sounds a bit daft to Priscilla - The Soft Machine* - We Did It Again. Would it really take "hours" to set one of those initial Moog modular cabinets up?

How many knobs and patch sockets were there on it, 40? The statement implies that limitations machine itself caused the inordinate time - I'd wager any delays were more due to musicians' inexperience with it, and not knowing what they were doing?

Any thoughts? From some personal experience, I can safely say that a basic patch takes only a few minutes, if that. Around one's neck is a great place to store patch cords for immediate use, btw.

However, for a really-complex patch on a large system, such as some of those set up by W. Carlos, it could take hours to tweak. Nevertheless, modular systems work rather wretchedly -- likely, not creating any sound -- if the musician doesn't understand how to use them. One of the great advantages of the ARP and other such patchable synths with "normalled" jacks is that there are internal preset interconnections that inserting patch cords can override. Nikevich talk12 March UTC. This article could be improved with some additional personal information on Robert Moogif available.

P — The preceding unsigned comment was added by Why the redirect to Bob Moog??? The article uses both Bob and Robert, and looking at obituaries, interview etc it appears that both were used. I would say that under these circumstances the article title should be the more formal name, not the less formal one.

Perhaps "Dr. Moog" would be appropriate, as well. In person, he was exceptionally pleasant, very likable, and utterly, totally lacking any conceit; I'd say "self-effacing", but not excessively so. Other documentaries emphasise the role Wendy Carlos played in bringing the Moog synth to Hannibal Crossing the Alps - Robert Moog - Bob Moog Live 1980 attention - is that accurate?

If so we should do so here. Although it would be nice to honour Mr. Moog with his own measurement unit If not, maybe a link to that prposal might be appropriate. I really want to split off the bits about the Moog synthesizer into their own article. The Robert Moog article Hannibal Crossing the Alps - Robert Moog - Bob Moog Live 1980 then be purely biographical, and the synthesizer article would just talk about the synthesizer.

Any opinions on that? Motivating reason being that on one of my music pages I mention using a Moog synthesizer and I wanted to be able to put in a link -- but linking to Robert Moog doesn't seem quite right. I could take the Robert Moog article, repost just the synthesizer-related content on my wiki and use that for the link, but that doesn't feel optimal either. The article currently is a rambling mess of useless trivia and randomly dropped-names that serves not very well as a biograpy.

Some of the text could be merged into Moog Music and Moog synthesizer. Some just needs to be deleted. The link repository is one of the most extensive and unencyclopedic I've seen in a while. I propose trimming down this section and completely removing the "Moog synth in culture" as I have made an article out of Moog synthesizer and moved a great deal of the content over there.

Please visit, comment and edit. This section in question would hopefully focus on more Moog's involvment in the development of the synth and I have a pretty good idea of the edits that I would make. I just don't want to upset anyone by Hannibal Crossing the Alps - Robert Moog - Bob Moog Live 1980 anything from this article even though it's been moved elsewhere Hannibal Crossing the Alps - Robert Moog - Bob Moog Live 1980 discussing it first.

This section is one sentence. If this is even noteworthy it can go somewhere The Dutch do not pronounciate 'Moog' as "moch" but rather ryme it with "vogue" with a silent "g" at the end.

Or does "moch" has a long "o" sound in it like in "open"? I wonder where he got the 'original' Dutch pronounciation from, since it is an uncommon name in Holland. The German pronunciation is still wrong. The Google search page for May 23 has a special graphic of a Moog synthesizer. Clicking the keys produces "tones". This is a recognition of the 78th birthday of Robert Moog.

Please, could someone change the Google doodle description in the "Development of the Moog Synthesizer" section from: "On May 23rd,Google featured a replica of the Moog synthesizer in its Google Doodle honoring Moog's 78th birthday. This Doodle was playable, and visitors were able to try the synthesizer by clicking on the keys. This paragraph does not help recount Moog's development of the Moog Its Gonna Be Allright - S-Connection Featuring Anabelle - Disconnected, which is what one would expect in an article about Moog.

It might fit in the article on the Moog synthesizer, if there were a "replicas and examples" section; but it makes no sense here. If Google wants to say "Google honored Moog's 78th birthday by putting up a replica of his synthesizer on their main page," that would make more sense here, but would still sound a bit weird.

If you review Wikipedia article on Pierre Schaeffer you will find he was born before Robert Moog and experimented with electronic music before Moog was born.

The photo in the Pierre Schaeffer article shows him tinkering with a device that suspiciously looks like an early Moog yet the article on Pierre Schaeffer does not state Anti - Wärters Schlechte vs. Slain - Divided Forever used any of Moog's inventions. So did Schaeffer outmoog the Moog? Please update and cross-reference appropriately. In the article it says "The first prototype of the minimoog only had about two filters, two envelope generators, and a very small keyboard.

That's fine, except that the final version of the MiniMoog had ONE filter, two envelope generators and a fairly small keyboard. It did have Love Is A Master Of Disguise (The Ten Worlds Mix) - Various - Closet Classics Volume 1 - The More Pr oscillators, although one was usually used as an LFO for vibrato, wah-wah, etc.

Anyway, the statement as included is misleading at best and arguably totally wrong. I have just modified 2 external links on Robert Moog. Please take Intro: World Contact Day - Groovie Ghoulies - World Contact Day moment to review my edit.

If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. I made the following changes:. When you have finished reviewing my changes, you may follow the instructions on the template below to fix any issues with the URLs.

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Oct 26,  · Music Visionary Robert Moog, August 22, • Robert Moog, a pioneer of electronic music, has died. When he was a teenager, Moog started building theremins, and .