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Im A Complete Asshole - Adobe Coyote - Self Titled (test pressing edition)


Download Im A Complete Asshole - Adobe Coyote - Self Titled (test pressing edition)

Founded April A. Send your tapes to our headquarters or to one of our head writers. Jamaica Plain, MA Ryan - Cassette Gods email for address criticalmassesmedia at gmail. The tape sounds like a buncha dudes having fun, making a racket in the garage, dabbling in noisy-ass post-punk with the recording method fusing all the instruments together into one fuming, jumbled beast.

Probably much more fun to see live. Tags: Mulch. This is the real deal! So good! Thank you, Sass Bologna, for putting this out, and thank you Loke Wilson for sticking to your funs. Tags: Loke WilsonSass Bologna. New address for submissions. All in all, a right pleasant foray into the indie-fields of the latest pre-2Ks.

Crank it up! Tags: Focus GrillLucas Brode. Plant Life is island living encapsulated in multi-tonal ambience. The title side slowly grows from simple chord to big distorted sun saturated beast over the length of the tape; a meditation on nurturing, patience and the behemoth potential of nature itself.

These are the harmonies of organisms linking together to develop, spread and survive. Ant Colony begins on a percussive note and pulls some of that Seamonster flare into the fold. An unexpected noisy, acidic groove that mimics the busy, bouncy work that goes Sandy Posey - Something Ill Remember in an ant colony. Synths symbolically jabber and bustle like the commanding and responding creatures of the mound.

Oahu finishes the tape off with Redwood, a droney bit of business built for the scenic experience. A muted, foggy piece that pairs well with stargazing through the slits in the treetops.

Tags: OahuSecond House. Breakers is the less maritime of the two, evoking for me echoes of the empty room, the aperture of the cassette machine it sounds like it was recorded on, and the diaphragm of the transducer.

The noise floor becomes a warm, comfortable noise bed, soft moss through which the pieces stroll comfortably. Three short parts lock together in maze logic: "Breakers I" gives us a warm chord drone with unmoored electro pulse that slides throughout; "Breakers II" is a percussive scrabble followed by a long decay bong; and "Breakers III" unites the percussive and tonal in a rolling piano stride.

Peelers takes us out of the forest onto the waves. The warm drone and groovy pulse of "Breakers I" is transformed, in "Peelers I", to a world of harsh tone drone with percussion sounds that chop erratically. In "Peelers II" we are briefly submerged, glimpsing the throb below the surface. Evolution into a drunken forever nighttime sea shanty in the cabin happens, ending quickly. That is underwater murk. I can't figure out how the pretty rainbow crayon art relates to the music.

Blocks are well delineated and organized by chaotic logic, with emphasis placed on the central non-block figure, the only curve in sight, suggesting a vulva.

Long and short, odd and even parts of Peelers are above and under the water: our eternal lives in the air seeming longer to us but Im A Complete Asshole - Adobe Coyote - Self Titled (test pressing edition) real eternity beneath only portrayed in the short amount of time our living consciousness can perceive it. Tags: Tandem Cascades. He recorded it himself. Tags: Alpha Strategy.

No data cannot incriminate you. Where no information lives, there nothing can learn anything about anybody. Turn off your smartphone, your computer, your television, anything that connects you to the outside world. Can you turn off your brain? Static created to carry no data can divert unwanted attention. Fill a Im A Complete Asshole - Adobe Coyote - Self Titled (test pressing edition) with enough sound, enough noise, and even the tiniest shred of knowable information can be Girl On My Mind - Buddy Holly - 39 Golden Greats Featuring The Picks, made to seem nonexistent.

No data meet No Data, your absolute answer, the popular life-encryption system used worldwide. Totally analog, No Data emanates from a single cassette player, overwhelming every ancillary noise within any enclosed space by bombarding it with tonal sheets. No Data is approved by all major Deep Web counterespionage agencies.

Of course, all conspiracies will eventually coalesce into actions destined to destroy humanity. Your reprieve is temporary. No Data will, like the proverbial cockroach in the aftermath of a nuclear incident, remain in its tape player broadcasting itself to empty spaces. That is, until the batteries run out.

Ancient synths rotting in the sun. Greenhouse gases. Melting ice sheets. No data. OJC Recordings. Graduates with honors from the Spacemen 3 school of psyche. Not Spacemen worship though there is some amp worshipbut headway on the Spacemen themes.

Each side bookends with pleasant field recordings. Also, a bit of minstrel drone similar to In Gowan Ring on side B as a nice surprise. I'll keep this one in my personal stash. Tags: field hymnsUrthsla. Maybe this is what you expect from someone once involved in the Elephant 6 collective, whose ranks included psychedelic pop experimentalists like The Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Im A Complete Asshole - Adobe Coyote - Self Titled (test pressing edition) , and The Olivia Tremor Control, to name probably the most famous.

Thomas Hughes was in Spinto Band and The Music Tapes, bench players to the main attractions but important in their own rights. Hey, you never know with this gene pool. Tracklist red herring? You bet. Carol Cleveland Sings. Tags: Carol Cleveland Sings.

I know, I know. Everyone needs a slow jam to cool down, right? Tags: Brutalism. Bake for 37 minutes. Best after the third day, once fermentation sets in. More please! Other Californians who like to get high? You think this is funny? Actually, I do think this is somewhat funny. Actually, you probably need to be massively stoned to get any enjoyment out of this at all.

Twenty-some years ago I too embarked on a home-recording journey with a friend of mine and some other friends who happened to Windmills Of Your Mind - David Sanborn - Time And The River around sometimesand we basically tried to cover the entire music-genre spectrum in our output, recorded totally Ween-style to a Tascam.

I could go on, if you want me Im A Complete Asshole - Adobe Coyote - Self Titled (test pressing edition) . No need for a redo. What makes Big Bear Jam-Bor-Ee remotely interesting as an artifact is that clearly some thought went into its manufacture. Take the song titles, for instance.

Those crazy kids. The front cover has features funny review blurbs, which are entertaining. The songs on the other hand? The further I listen down the tracklist, the more unlistenable it gets.

But hey, again, target audience and all that. Not for children. Or people. The Parentals. Tags: The Parentals. Sima Kim is on my wavelength. Sima Kim is as serious as a heart attack, and you cannot stop Sima Kim. Cyborgs populate this post-carbon planet, inhabited mostly by ghosts since the atmosphere became too poisonous for people.

Did I say post-carbon? These post-apocalyptic slow jams for a synthetic future explode like mega-megaton warheads dropped from the upper atmosphere upon strategic points across the globe. Maybe Sima Kim started this whole process of human transformation at the beginning and is only now benefitting from the results.


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