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M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P.


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Print Thread. Joined: Jun She needs a rig for gigs that Our set list doesn't require a huge palette. I'd be most grateful for any recommendations or advice. We're not averse to used gear if it's reliable. Thanks in advance! Joined: Dec But she really should get herself down to the largest local digital piano showroom she can find and try them all out before she can make an informed decision. DP's are all so subjective, particularly to the noobie. Joined: Jan PX5S is a good idea.

I have seen some good prices on Korg SV1's, she may be able to find one for under a grand. She needs to try them out herself because she might hate or love a certain model that someone here lovers or hates! I personally like to buy used gear. However, I also like having a bit of safety and a return policy, which makes Craigslist iffy.

I've bought several boards from ebay and I feel like I got lucky and didn't have to return anything. If I bought today I'd M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P.

through guitar center's used site: they offer 30 days return to your local store for any reason and prices are decent.

The great thing about used--and of course there are obvious downsides too--is that you can get what used to be a flagship product for much much less only a few years later. I've found the top-end boards to have a bit better build quality and sounds don't really improve all that quickly IMO.

Weight is an M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P. , a lot of the boards I like are heavy. I wish I had specific advice on which keyboard to buy. Action is so subjective it's really hard to address, as of course even acoustic pianos are going to feel different. Ideally she could try it out first for that reason. I think many boards can meet your requirements otherwise.

Hopefully there is not sticker-shock. Northern California. Hey Youjay don't forget to check back with the guitar guys! Take care Joined: Apr The new Casio PX-5s - just now hitting the stores - weighs 24 pounds, and does everything she needs. If you can't find one M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P. , the PX has the same action. The action of the current Roland RD series keyboards is a little sluggish in comparison, and M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P.

heavier, longer, and have less programming options. Seriously, the only way you're going to compete with the new PX-5s would be something used, and it's going to be heavier and have less features. Drawbacks to the PX-5s: There's no one-touch button for transpose. It's several clicks deep into the system menu. There's no expression volume pedal input. There is a workaround for that, explained in the PX-5s threads.

Down the road, she could hook up a state-of-the-art B3 organ emulation via a tablet and usb midi. Seriously, for live gigs, the PX-5s organs are fine. For a real organ player, they're probably less than fine, but those real organ players are hard to please. Considering that tablets are the wave of the future for Waiting For A Train - Various - Superchart 83 (Volume Two) sound, the PX-5s would be the perfect keyboard to get for this purpose.

You can set up splits and zones and store them in 10 banks of In other words, there are ten buttons to hit for different stage setups before she'd have to do a 3-button switch to move to a different bank. I'm not pitching the PX-5s because mine's for sale in the classifieds LOL I'm pitching it because I did a lot of research before buying it, and to my knowledge, it's the best deal out there right now. I couldn't handle the action - not loose enough for my old arthritic hands - but most piano players love the action.

Whatever she ends up getting, Rope Bridge - Annabel Lamb - When Angels Travel needs to sit down and play it for an hour straight to discover if the action is going to fit her playing style. As far as I know, the GX was discontinued a few years ago, but they're still around. This is a gold mine of information. You're terrific. Joined: May Question to the OP: do you need on-board speakers in your keyboard?

The PX5 does't have them. The PX and PX do, and although they are less sophisticated in many ways, they may be a better fit to the OP's needs. Edit:not sure if the or can store splits. Great action on all three, though. Cheers, Mike. Joined: Nov Korg Krome might be M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P. contender but not sure of the schlep factor.

I'm multi untalented. Joined: Oct The SP is the affordable previous model, but with most of the same sounds - other differences are aftertouch, and sliders. The consensus is that the Kurz M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P. cut through in a mix very well, the other sounds are top-notch, the build quality is excellent and it's a player's board - unlike some of the workstations you'll come across.

Originally Posted By: YooJay. Maybe this is the best place for a shameless plug! Eliot's "Prufrock" - check it out! Joined: Aug Except for organ, Privia PX5S was my first thought. Regarding organ, you really need an expression pedal to play anything other than the most buried parts buried like in some rock songs where it seems like an afterthought -- in which case who needs it anyway?

Without a pedal, T.N.T. - AC/DC - Live either too quiet in the middle or too loud at the top. This is not a flaw: it's how the beast works. It's critical, not just a "nice to have".

This should be true even for someone who only plays presets, and doesn't work the drawbars. The Nord Stage is pricey, and might be a bit technically complicated. That may sound odd, but That's a big win for someone learning. But to use those controls effectively, there are some important mental model issues you have to have down, and they're kinda tricky. Simple enough for most of us tech-savvy keyboard types, but maybe not for someone who'd rather just find a preset that works and use it, and won't get more technical than finding out how to do splits and layers.

On the other hand, for someone who Dead Skin Mask / Seasons In The Abyss - Slayer - Slaughter In The North to learn what all the controls do, knobs are ideal -- WAY faster than learning by menu diving. RD is a good board and might be found for a good price used, but it's big and heavy.

You'll also need a case. If it's going in the band van with all the other gear, you'll want a hardshell M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P. . If it's usually transported by the player in her own vehicle, then there are two options. For the Privia, being so light and small, a soft case is probably fine.

For the others, I'd recommend a rigid foam case like the one I use. That was true of my case, which I think is the same size. Might involve taking feet off the MOX8, or modifying the case a tad to fit 6" height. But a light case makes an easy carry for all the above keyboards except the RD Originally Posted By: learjeff.

Regarding organ, you really need an expression pedal to play anything other than the most buried parts. Southern California. This could be very difficult. M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P. done this for a few people over the years, very good pianists who've spent their whole lives sitting at a real grand.

They all hated the best digitals to such an extent they just couldn't deal with it. You can see that here with certain people, not the regulars who know better but the noob's who talk at length about the qualities of a real grand and how they want to duplicate that with a digital but can't find one they like because it doesn't exist.

And, the keyboard itself is only half the story, what stage speaker system to use? She may find a board that she thinks sounds and feels decent through headphones but as soon as you plug it into even the best speakers that will cost more than the keyboard itself she still thinks it is so far from a real grand she hates it. It's a mindset you have to get past. I would play a little game with her and show her the worst one's first, let her say how much they suck and then M-Phaser - Duff Beer E.P.

up to the best ones and hope she says "This isn't great but it's certainly way better than that pos other one.


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