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Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980

Label: Gromek Records - none • Format: CD Unofficial Release • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Art Rock, Indie Pop
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Split Enz were a New Zealand rock band that was popular during the late s and early s. It was founded in by Tim Finn and Phil Juddand had a variety of other members during its existence.

From tothe band had four number-one albums in New Zealand and three Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 Australia. It also had two albums break the top ten of Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 Canadian Albums Charttwo break the top fifty of the Billboardand one break the top fifty of the UK Albums Chart.

Finn sang and played piano, while Judd sang and played guitar. Both wrote songs. Finn and Judd quickly became close friends; after moving out their campus Loaded - Solid Liquid - Aspirine they shared Room in a rambling boarding house called "Malmsbury Villa" and both their room number and the name of the house would later both be commemorated in song.

Another key personality in this period was Phil Judd's university friend Noel Crombiewho occasionally performed with them over the next few years. Another powerful creative influence was Phil and Tim's love for British author and artist Mervyn Peakewhose Gormenghast novels inspired a number of their early songs. Originally named "Split Ends" they were an odd and eclectic mix for a pop band, Golding having been educated in classical music and Finn influenced by the Beatlesthe Moveand the Kinks.

It was at this point that Mike Chunn's brother Geoff Chunn was brought in to replace their original drummer Div Vercoe. Golding and Howard left soon after, and Chunn wanted the band to become electric, so extra members were added: guitarist Wally Wilkinson, and saxophonist Robert Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 . By this time Split Ends had become Tim's primary focus and he dropped out of university to concentrate on the band.

In late Split Ends entered the New Faces television talent contest, and in preparation for their performance they recorded two new Judd-Finn songs: "" and "Home Sweet Home". Soon after, they also recorded "Sweet Talking Spoon Song", which would become the second single. In the event — Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 much to the dismay of Capriccio In C Sharp Minor - Brahms* - Walter Gieseking - Klavierstücke (Piano Pieces) Op.

76 Fantas Finn family watching at home — Split Ends finished second-last in the contest. Despite their loss on New Faces, the group made a sufficiently strong impression to secure them a minute concert special for Television New Zealand, which was recorded soon after. Typical of the time, the performances were mimed to pre-recorded backing tracks, so the band put down four more songs including "No Bother To Me", "Malmsbury Villa" and "Spellbound". It was around this time that their group altered its name to the punningly patriotic Split Enz.

Over the next eighteen months Split Enz honed their material and performances. The TV special exposure enabled them to undertake Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 first national concert tour, although Phil Judd did not take part. He disliked performing live, was uncomfortable with negative reactions to the band, and also Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 that their developing music was too complex for successful stage presentation, so he initially decided to stay at home to write and record new material while the rest of the band toured, although he later returned to make occasional live appearances and eventually rejoined full-time.

In early the group's sound took a major step forward when Tim acquired a Mellotron and in February keyboard player Eddie Rayner joined the band. Rayner's accomplished playing soon became a crucial part of the group's sound and also allowed Tim to step out from behind the keyboard and he was one of two members who remained with the band for its entire subsequent career, the other being percussionist Noel Crombie.

Early in their career, the group made the decision to treat records, live shows, publicity photos, stage design, costumes, hair and even makeup as a total package, and this was greatly assisted by their wide-ranging interests in literature and the visual arts: Judd was Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 an accomplished painter and subsequently created cover paintings for two Enz albums.

His artist friend Noel Crombie was soon roped in to become the group's "stylist" and Noel went on to create all the extraordinary costumes, hairstyles, makeup and stage sets which soon became their trademark, as well as coordinating all their single and album artwork and associated promotional material such as buttons and postersand he directed all their music videos.

Taking advantage of this, Phil Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 Tim decided that, rather than slogging it out on the traditional pub circuit, they would now only perform in theatres and concert halls, which were better suited to the band's unique performance style and enabled them to stage a full theatrical presentation.

Under Noel Crombie's guidance the band developed elaborate sets, costumes, hairstyles and makeup, and performances were punctuated Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 odd happenings. At one concert, they brought Rayner's auntie on stage to perform an impromptu tap dance during one of the songs and this was a great success, but they realised that they couldn't really take her on tour with them, so it Crombie's spoon playing routine was substituted and 89 - Various - Laurens Awesome Mix Vol.

1 became an essential part of each show. For an early NZ TV performance with a "desert island" theme they brought in a load of sand and created a miniature indoor beach, complete with palm trees and a wading pool, with band members dressed as hankie-hatted tourists, reclining on deck chairs and sipping drinks.

For another now-legendary live performance of their live epic "Stranger Than Fiction", a female friend was recruited to crawl across the stage during the song, under pulsing strobe lights, with a bloodied axe apparently embedded in her skull. Encouraged by a triumphant live concert on this tour, Judd decided to return to live performance and began making occasional appearances, as did Noel Crombie. Paul Emlyn Crowther ex-Orb replaced Chunn on drums in July, but Gillies was not replaced at this time, although he rejoined the following year.

By the end of their fanbase in New Zealand, although small, was extremely strong and very dedicated, but the chances of further progress in that small market were Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 limited.

In Marchthe band issued its third single, "No Bother To Me", Red - Sammy Hagar - All Night Long the independent White Cloud label, and a few weeks later, Split Enz became the latest in a Down Another Day - Limp Bizkit - Results May Vary of successful NZ groups and solo artists who moved to Australia to further their career.

Although their highly Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 visual presentation and complex music were markedly out of step with the blues-based "pub rock" that was dominating Australian music D-Nice - To Tha Rescue the time, and many concert-goers were puzzled by them, the band's powerful performances and the quality of their material impressed and as in New Zealand they soon acquired a small but fiercely loyal fan base.

After nine months on the Australian pub and concert circuit they were spotted by Melbourne-based entrepreneur Michael Gudinskiwho signed them to his new Mushroom Records label, which was then enjoying unprecedented success with the band Skyhookswhose Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 album had shot to the top of the charts, spawning a string of hit singles and becoming the highest-selling Australian LP ever released up to that time. Their debut LP Mental Notes Mushroomdid remarkably well, selling 12, copies on its first release and going to 19 on the Australian album chart and 7 in New Zealand.

Not long after the album was released Wally Wilkinson was sacked and Rob Gillies returned to the band. Having seen and been greatly impressed Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 Split Enz' support slot on Roxy Music's first Australian tour, Roxy guitarist Phil Manzanera offered to produce their second album. It comprised four re-arranged and re-recorded tracks from Mental Notestheir second Australian non-album single "Late Last Night", three new songs, and a new version of one of the earliest Judd-Finn compositions, "", retitled "Matinee Idyll ".

This song was released, backed by "Lovey Dovey", as a single in December and during the recording they were able to meet up with their old bandmate Miles Golding, then living in London, at a recital he gave at the Australian Embassy. To promote the album they toured as support to English folk-rockers Jack the Lad. Chunn decided to leave at the end of the US tour, partly because he wanted to spend more time with his family but also because he suffered from agoraphobia.

But tensions were also increasing between Phil and Tim. Although the band received a standing ovation Stage 7 - A Fools Errand - The Curator - Sometime Soon San Francisco, audience reactions in more remote areas ranged from puzzlement to outright hostility, and Phil was extremely sensitive to such negative reactions.

Also like Mike Chunn he had a young family back in New Zealand and was tired of the endless grind of touring. The tensions climaxed after a concert when Phil, who was having trouble with an out-of-tune guitar, stormed off before the end of the set and when Tim challenged him backstage about what had happened, Phil punched him. The tour ended in April, and Phil left the band. They were due to begin their third English tour later that month, so Tim now took charge and hastily reorganised the group.

Neil flew to England as soon Spellemann - DagsTur - Ikea Paradiso he received the call from Tim and he officially joined Split Enz on 7 April The album reached 18 in Australia.

The first single, "My Mistake" Augustpeaked at 18 during October, bolstered Lowlands Of Holland - Steeleye Span - Hark! The Village Wait the national tour and aided by another distinctive promotional video.

The second single, "Bold as Brass" Decemberwhich unfortunately failed to chart in Australia, was accompanied Highway Chile - The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? another specially-made video, co-directed by Noel and Rob.

At the turn of the year Rob Gillies left and despite their earlier falling out, Phil Judd returned, briefly, in early after Tim and Eddie heard some of his new material, but he apparently felt uncomfortable with their changing musical direction and style, and left the band for good about a month later.

The Enz struggled to survive through they lost their Chrysalis contract and spent most of that year without a UK record deal, a booking agent or a manager. Debts mounted and, unable to get gigs, they were forced to go on the dole, but they continued writing new material and rehearsing constantly.

This crucial break allowed them to book a tiny 8-track studio in Luton and with the help of year-old English engineer David Tickle they made demos of 28 new songs in less than five days.

These now-legendary sessions—known as the "Rootin', Tootin' Luton Tapes"—became the basis for the group's new direction. One of Tim's new songs from these sessions — which showed the clear influence of British punk and New Wave — became their next single, "I See Red". The cover of Frenzy signalled the changes in the group—the wild costumes, hair and makeup were gone, and the Phil Judd's painting depicted them in casual clothes, standing in front of a farm shed in a pastoral New Zealand landscape.

The album included re-recordings of many songs from the Luton tapes, but the band felt that Earl had not fully captured the raw energy of the Luton demos. It marked a significant move away from the band's earlier and more 'progressive' style and harked back to Tim's first love—simple, concise, accessible, high-energy guitar-based power pop.

The group went home Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 New Zealand for Xmas and before they headed back to the UK, they decided to play some local shows. Just after Xmas there was a serious setback when their equipment was destroyed in a suspicious fire at a rehearsal studio. Using borrowed equipment, Split Enz played what proved to be a pivotal concert in their later career, stunning friends and fans alike with their now-legendary performance at the second Nambassa Festival in January.

The result True Colours also marked the emergence of Neil as a significant pop songwriter. Nevertheless, it proved to be a massive hit that finally established the group in the front rank of bands in Australasia. True Colours and "I Got You" were simultaneously released in January and simultaneously topped charts in both Australia and New Zealand during March — the album stayed at 1 in Australia for ten weeks, and the single for eight weeks and "I Got You" went on to become the highest selling single in Australia for the year — and the biggest international success Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 the band's career.

This version harnessed laser technology to etch geometric patterns into the playing surface of the album, creating prismatic effects without affecting the music playback. True Colours was a huge commercial success and went on to sell overcopies in Australasia. The group toured extensively behind True Colours before returning to the studio in Their next album was released in Australia only as Corroboree and everywhere else as Waiata Maori for "songs".

It continued the winning streak initiated by True Colours but their relationship with producer David Tickle had become strained and it would be their last collaboration. In Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 after months of intensive touring, Split Enz returned to the studio to record what many critics regard as their most personal and creative album, Time and Tide.

Much of the material came out of Tim's recent personal turmoil—in January that year he had married English dancer Liz Malam, but the marriage collapsed in Party Rocker - DJ T-Rock, Squashy Nice - Outloud and he suffered a nervous breakdown, an ordeal he recounted in "Six Months In A Leaky Boat", specifically the track 'Dirty Creature'.

He was already well-known on the music scene for his engineering work with producer Steve Lilywhite on landmark recordings by artists like Peter GabrielXTC and Genesis and he is credited with inventing the "gated reverb" drum sound that became Phil Collins' trademark. Padgham reportedly had a much more relaxed style than Tickle which the Enz found ideally suited them. The advent of MTV in America, and its interest in new wave acts also helped the band's growing cult status in America—both "Dirty Creature" and "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" as well as earlier videos were given wide airplay on the channel.

Initially, "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" also looked like it would at last furnish Split Enz with the breakthrough UK hit that they had been hoping for, but this failed to materialise; after the controversial sinking of the Argentine warship 'General Belgrano' by the British Navy during the Falklands War the BBC reportedly included the song on a covert "blacklist" of songs that were not to be played on air due to supposedly negative references to the war.

Although the BBC vehemently denied the blacklist at the time, they finally admitted to its existence in The year ended with the release of the band's first "Best of" collection Enz of an Erawhich went to 8 in Australia December and sold 30, copies in New Zealand alone. Early inTim took a break from the group to record a solo album with an all-star session group including producers Mark Moffatt DivinylsRoss Wilson former Beach Boy Ricky Fataarand legendary session singer Venetta Fields.

Escapadereleased in June, was a major success in Australasia, spawning several hits singles including "Fraction Too Much Friction" and the gospel-styled "Made My Day". In March Noel Crombie briefly stepped into the limelight and issued a quaint novelty solo single, "My Voice Keeps Changing On Me" and the same month, the new Enz single "Next Exit" was Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 as a stop-gap until the band could record a new album, Dysgenics (Live) - Quo Vadis - Passage In Time it failed to chart.

Up to this time, Tim had been the primary writer in the group, but on the next LP his contributions were overshadowed for the first time by Neil, who wrote the majority of songs. The aptly titled Conflicting Emotions November was less cohesive than the previous three albums, and perhaps inevitably after three successive 1 LPs it was a commercial letdown, reaching only 13 on the national chart in January. Lead single "Straight Old Line" was a Hollywood Bowl Waltz - The Theatre Orchestra - Movie Go Round on the Australian chart, struggling to 42, but second single "Message To My Girl" became a major hit and reached 12 in February For the "Conflicting Emotions" tour, Tim again felt that the band Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 a change in the rhythm section, so Paul Hester ex- Deckchairs Overboard was brought in on drums, and Noel returned to percussion and spoons.

However growing tensions between Tim and Neil and his solo success with Escapade eventually led to Tim's decision to leave Split Enz and in June he ended months of speculation Split Enz - Pinkpop 1980 announcing that he would quit before the next LP was recorded, in order to promote the release of Escapade in Europe.

The remaining members decided to continue, but their next album See Ya 'Round proved to be their last. It came out in November and was dominated by Neil Finn songs, although Hester, now a permanent member, contributed one number.

The first single from the album was Neil's stirring, bittersweet farewell to Tim and the Enz, "I Walk Away" which was released in September. It was followed by the darker "One Mouth is Fed" in November. Split Enz played its last show on 4 December in Auckland. A double album recorded on the farewell tour, The Living Enzwas released in December Tim Finn briefly joined Crowded House later on and also recorded two albums together as the Finn Brothers. Rayner also pursued a solo career.

Intwo years after Split Enz broke up, it reunited for a Greenpeace benefit concert.


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Split Enz were a New Zealand rock band that was popular during the late s and early s. It was founded in by Tim Finn and Phil Judd, and had a variety of other members during its fenrikkargturn.infoinfo: New wave, art rock, pop rock, post-punk.