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What Am I Gonna Do With You - Various - Simon Bates - The Golden Years Of The 70s - Volume 2

Label: Contour - CN 2110 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Pop •
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Looking back on ten years of Our Tune in the 10th anniversary book, Simon Bates makes a few fascinating observations on some of the changing trends, attitudes, issues and fortunes of the s :. During the early part of the decade, I was reading out a lot of letters to do with marriage break-ups. They told me how they had, perhaps, contemplated suicide - but at the last minute had decided to battle on.

People blubbed over tragic tales on Our Tune many times, but there were also lots of stories with happy endings. Here is a favourite of mine from the book which is out of print, but still crops up on eBay at times.

Cue music:. Patsy and Graham. It also brought dozens of letters of support from other listeners. I can see a new horizon. Underneath a blazing sky.

This is honestly a love story which I should never really be writing. When I first set eyes on Graham, there seemed no chance at all that we would ever be together. But, after three years, we are not only the happiest couple alive, but we are planning to marry in the next six months. Hopefully, we will be starting a family to complete everything I ever dreamed of. It all started so differently though, Simon.

When I first saw Graham, it was an instant attraction - me to him. He was tall, very handsome, quite dark skinned, and one of the most well-dressed men I had ever seen. His suits were always well cut, his shirt neatly ironed and his shoes were always well shined. In short, he was the sort In The Middle - Sheldon Gooch - Im Free man most girls would give a fortune to be seen with.

And I was one of them. The trouble is, when he came to work as the boss of the used-car department of the garage where I worked, there was no way I was of any interest to him whatsoever. To put it mildly, I was a bit of a mess at that time. I had let myself go to pot a little. When I had broken up with Jeff, I had taken refuge in eating. I would eat anything and everything I could get my hands on to cheer myself up. But I would have lots and lots of them. Bars of chocolate, bags of crisps, sandwiches - you name it, I would eat it.

I paid absolutely no interest to my clothes, and I never went anywhere, apart from the local wine bar. It was a fairly ordinary existence, but I honestly had no encouragement to break out of it. I had always been reasonably intelligent, doing well at school, but even though people said how pretty I had been, it is very hard to feel pretty when you have ballooned up to thirteen and a half stones, and have trouble squeezing into a size sixteen.

Graham Beatz Projekted - Ghostin completely out of range, as far as any sort of relationship was concerned. I told my only true friend, Karen - the only person I could really confide in - what a fantastic guy had started to work at the garage. I told her not to be stupid - why would he be interested in someone like me? Karen asked me if he had What Am I Gonna Do With You - Various - Simon Bates - The Golden Years Of The 70s - Volume 2 regular girlfriend.

But, she did plant the seed of an idea in my mind. Over the course of the next few weeks, work brought Graham and I into a reasonable amount of contact. We got on well. On several occasions, we had to organise promotions - like cheese and wine parties - for the garage, and had to stay behind when it was all over. I found out that he was single, and, although he dated a few girls, there was no one serious in his life. The night I found all this out, I made a decision that was going to change my life.

From that point on, I became a different person. I can honestly say that from that moment on, I never touched another bar of chocolate, or a sandwich outside meal times. I began swimming virtually every day. The first few weeks were really painful. I felt like a whale squeezing into a swimsuit at the local baths. But I did it. When I came out of the changing rooms I sometimes felt the whole place was staring at me, especially the little children.

I managed to get through a few lengths for the first visits, but slowly and surely, my fitness and my strength built up and I was doing more and more distance. It exhausted me to start with but, gradually, I could cope more and more comfortably. At the time, I put myself on a diet. I cut out all the junk food I had been eating and I stuck to salads and vegetables. You know, the hardest part about trying to change yourself is finding a motive, and, to be honest, Graham was my motive.

At first I lived in fear that I would turn up at work and find out he had got married, or engaged. I got on the scales at home, and would see the needle moving slowly down. All of a sudden, that became my aim. I started to take an interest in my clothes again. And, as my sizes went down - a twelve at first - I felt better and better about myself.

I thought everyone would still laugh and point, but nobody did. At work, I had energy. I felt confident and happy, and a whole change was coming over me. I went away for two weeks to Tenerife. When I got back, everyone said how well I looked. Perhaps it was the fact that I had been away - and people saw me in a new light - but everyone seemed to be paying me compliments. But, of course, there was one I really wanted. Graham came over to me as soon as I walked through the door of the showroom, and paid me the greatest compliment!

I put all that back in myself, hoping to win over one man. It Lijepe Žene Prolaze Kroz Grad - Azra - Singl Ploče 1979-1982 a song I used to listen to all the way to the swimming baths and back. It really used to drive me on, and it still means an awful lot to me today. Legendary it certainly was. It became the focus of the day. I can still remember listening to one particular heartbreaking story, sitting in roadworks on the old A66 when they were upgrading it, driving back to Glasgow, it would have been around '88 or '89, and every time now that I pass that spot it reminds me of that story, all these years later.

Someone came on saying about a boy she had met -his name was read out on national radio- it was the man i was living with! Luck would have it -I had finished with him the month before!! I used to love this spot.

As "hard-hearted" shipyard workers in Glasgow, we would spend our teabreak huddled in an unfinished cabin listening to this and we even had a chart on the switchgear which gave details of our favourite.

It was a national institution, and I used to cry over some Victim Of Civilization - Go! - Existence the stories! Every thursday I would be taking cattle to a local mart, the que going in tended to coincide with our tune. I had my heart broken and I use to find comfort in the stories and the way they we're told. Wish I could remember the stories I know I cried a lot listening to the heartbreak at a loss of a loved one.

The songs followed the What Am I Gonna Do With You - Various - Simon Bates - The Golden Years Of The 70s - Volume 2 and the meaning described the sorrow. Was it simply "The Greed Decade" as many like to claim? I think not - the Sexy - Various - Sexbombs Sexiest Hits saw the emergence of yuppies, but also Red Wedge, the Greenham Common Peace Womenand increasing concern for the environment.

It may be convenient to scapegoat the '80s as the cause of all known ills, but the reality of the decade was far different - absolute bedlam, as Right fought Left, idealism fought corporate ambition. The election of Ronald Reagan Die Galgenbrüder - Absurd - Blutgericht (Vinyl, Album) American President inand his second victory inhad a far more decisive effect on the international political landscape than the three successive general election victories of UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher inand Fashion came fast and furious - deelyboppersra ra skirts What Am I Gonna Do With You - Various - Simon Bates - The Golden Years Of The 70s - Volume 2 lycra leggings, Swatch watches, pixie boots, jelly shoes, shoulder padsblonde highlights, hair gel, hair mousse, men in pink, goths, shell suits, New Romanticsdonkey jacketsleg warmers Musically, the s saw the beginnings of House Musicthe exciting and still evolving world of synths taking centre stage, the evolvement of Rap music into the fully-fledged Hip Hop scene, Band Aid and Live Aidgreat Indie, startling Acid House, and Raves At the amusement arcades, Space Invaders ran rampant and we first met Pac-Man And there was so much more!

The decade truly had something for everyone - and provided a welcome escape for a while from the long-running and boring saga of flared trousers as fashion, begun back in the s! The '80s gave us some wonderful UK TV ads. Remember the Weetabix gang? Remember I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear - Ginny Arnell - Meet Ginny Arnell Scotch video tape skeleton "Re-record, not fade away"?

Remember the romantic yuppie couple in the coffee ads? And what about "Lotta Bottle"? In fact, the '80s totally transformed our telly viewing, bringing us Channel 4 and Sky TV. The '80s were a fascinating time for science and technology!

Video recorders became widespread, the Sony Walkman arrived, the first hand-held mobile phones hit the streets expensive analogue bricks! It's all here!


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