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Anything You Want//Tales Of Two - FSK L$D* - circa98 (File, Album)

Label: Not On Label (L$D Self-released) - none • Format: 11x, File FLAC, Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop •
Download Anything You Want//Tales Of Two - FSK L$D* - circa98 (File, Album)

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So we did the OElO. Faster - 10 digitsmi llion counts per second. Reliable - zero fi eld failures. Also, an American reports on his observations while teaching a broadcasting seminar in t hen Czechoslovakia. The Jayhawks are Coming! In factthe Jayhawk still needs an escort when more than miles from shore.

After you've tried to monitor the Jayhawk, you'll understand why. But it's more than that- here is the story of an insatiably curious and hard-working Costa Rican who won the hearts of all who encountered his pioneering and peaceable spirit. But to see the country from the perspective of a broadcaster, turn to page 8. Photo courtesy of Radio Romania.

Monitoring the Mexican Military 22 By Mike Lima Just like the author, you may be ignoring a wealth of intriguing communications which look like routine Spanish administrative telegrams. Well, look again ; you may be tuned in to a Mexican Album) net and you 'll be surprised how much you can understand with a little practice. Would anybody be able to hear him? Would anyone be listening? And Much More As promised, Bob Grove spells out what the scanning hobby can expect as the FCC puts anti-scanning legislation into effect.

Turn to "Closing Comments" to see Militante Maßnahmen Gegen Gleichlaufschwankungsgegner - Various - Die Viererbande the FCC has carried the issue even further than it was mandated.

Are you well-grounded? If you 're not sure, turn to the "Beginner's Corner" for an understandable explanation of the benefits of grounding and how to tell if you really are. While you 're looking at antennasmaybe it's time to dispense with that random wire antenna. It does the job it was made to do, at a reasonable price.

For a delightful look at how country music and radio grew up together, see "American Bandscan ," and have a great month of monitoring! Address: P. Any request for a personal reply should be accompanied by an SASE.

Short excerpts may be reprinted w ith appropriate credit. Complete articles may not be reproduced without permission. Second class pos tage paid at Brasstown, NCand additional malling oftices. Its mission of facili- is not afraid to take a stand, as readers well tating relief communications is even more know and generally respect--except when it critical, given the language and cultural dif- involves a favorite cause.

The Charlolle Observer gives their intentions a more negative twist however, " I own an American Electrola from For the implying the in formation Captain Blood - Blue Cats - On A Live Mission slewed toward People and enjoy it very much.

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Although it seems some uct guidancebut I think this is way off base. He "gave good marks to a Disabled DXers, Inc. I believe no one would be more delighted A determined group of to see a moderately-priced, quality AmericanSWLs and amateur radio operators arc attempting a made world band receiver than Larry Magne.

But, given the obstacles stacked against an For the past year, a plan has been coming American company in such a competitive field, together to purchase the house now being one can' t blame him for being dubious. Grove 's leascd-"thc only faci lity, living quarters, cancellation this month of their long -expected meeting pl ace and fix ed radio and ASTV base SW receiver is a case in point.

On the positive side, reader Thomas Wood for handicappeddisabled people interested of Arlington, VA, writes, "Than. I purchase and remodcl-S,! Many other disabled people are Zenith Transoceanic mentioned in the January still in that 'comer' because there is no place issue elicited a number of reminiscences. James Snow of Murray, KY, come my own personal handicap, and hdp was one of the lucky ones. So was D. PC SWL contains the hardware.

PC SWL lets you tu ne in on world press services meteorological broadcasts. Software Systems Consulting S. J 0 rM0. Focllilotes maximum pertormonce wllhoul compromise. WI lol l! But after some trading, I ended up with this 1iule jewel. W c were stationed with the US Army in Turkey. As it turned out, Album) had to 'steal' some more because Rs Punk - Genectar - Sushi CO wanted an antenna, Loo!

We ended up with three ' wires on the barracks. There will never be another time like then nor another radio like the Transoceanic. As a matter of fact, almost two years ago radio reunited me with John. I had written to Monitoring Times, and when he saw my name printed in the 'Lcucrs to the Editor' column, he gave me a call. After 18 years we've been reunited Anything You Want//Tales Of Two - FSK L$D* - circa98 (File 'old Army buddies,' radio nuts and friends.

Just like the old Zenith. From time to time we receive letters from persons to whom radio means a window on the world-whether that world is global or local- but who can ' l afford, due LO varying circumstances, to subscribe lo their favorite hobby magazine. Whenever we become aware of such persons, we will list them by their state or countryto protect their anonymity. Let us know if you would like Lo help, but send no money until we send Anything You Want//Tales Of Two - FSK L$D* - circa98 (File the nan1e of the person you will sponsor.

Your gift will be anonymous, but should you wish Lo contact the person you arc sponsoring, you will have their name and address.

We have the name of one person Lo begin the program: MR. Go ahead; make his day! The broadcast from WWV is at 15 minutes past the hour, with a brief description Global Positioning in the preceding minute. WWVH broadcasts the report at 44 minutes past the hour. Album) from the publisher, or enquire subscription: or about a dealer in your area: Canadian GPS As x l 14ifoutside the US ; P.

BoxRiverton, sociates, P. I am wondering why - Each Heart Attack - Various - The Dick Clark National Music Survey transmits two unique pscu- the 10 kW station was not mentioned. Many of the Hawaiian - The accuracy Blackspot - Blackspot Lo civilian users signals are like locals at night, especially the has been purposely degraded by DoD.

Tonga is zontal position accuracy for "unauthorized" users heard onSamoa Album) and kHz, means that, in practice, the true position will Solomons on and kHz, and Kiribati on usually lie somewhere within meters. How- kHz. Their 10 kW is one of the beuersignals ever, higher accuracies can be achieved by most nights after UTC. I use a terminated ' arc available for use. My Drake R-8 may be an expensive toy, but the thought that everyone who wishes international information unfi ltered by their own government has to be set up with a satellite reception system is totally unrealistic.

In Germany during my activation for Anything You Want//Tales Of Two - FSK L$D* - circa98 (File Storm I Anything You Want//Tales Of Two - FSK L$D* - circa98 (File that the I Need You - The Beatles - Greatest Hits way to get some idea of what was really going on was to listen to the international broadcasts.

After that, I was addicted Lo getting all sides of the stories. I wish I had a shortwave guide then. Please make a stronger effort in keeping your listing up to date.

These sem inars were begun 20 years ago by the late Isaac Asimov who personally led them until his health began to fail.


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