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Corrie - Desired Beats EP


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The Beats EP are Beats headphones for the masses. Beats headphones are known for two things: bass-heavy sounds and lofty price tags, and while it might not always make the most well-rounded headphones, it certainly makes some of the most popular.

The Beats EP are something different from the now Apple-owned brand though. While the rest of the line is shunning the cable, these Urbanears Plattan II rivals have fix it in.

But at what costs has affordability come? The Beats look is Kiki Lesendrić* - Mesec Na Vratima iconic one. Bizarrely, the affordable EPs have flipped things on their head. Well, sort of. As well as creating a cool, slightly industrial look, these steal arms help ensure a reassuringly secure fit.

There is a catch though, and a pretty big one at that. The heavily cushioned ear pads are seriously comfortable, with vertical sliders letting you find a fit that works for you. They might not create much of a seal around your ear, meaning a bit of unwanted background noise is able to creep in, but you can enjoy prolonged listening sessions without ear fatigue. Giving a bit of style-matching choice, the EPs come in four colours, with understated black and white models lining up alongside more attention-grabbing red and blue options.

Sadly, that classic black and red Beats combo is missing from the Corrie - Desired Beats EP palette. Whichever colour you plump for, the sound supplying Corrie - Desired Beats EP locks into the left earcup.

Excessive amounts. Yes, this is better than coming up short, continually yanking the cable out of your phone, but a bit less cable would stop you having to bundle the excess into the pocket of your skinny jeans.

With no Bluetooth connectivity options or inbuilt noise cancelling, these are headphones that kick it old school, with a 3. They do tend to hiss out slightly as long, high tones hit their crest though. The mid-range can get a bit muddied an lost at times, but this is far from a crippling condition that effects all playback.

You can pay a lot more for a lot worse and will struggle to find anything overwhelmingly better in a similar price bracket. What you might find elsewhere though, are more playback options. There is still plenty Clarence Patin Faulk - Faulks Record Of Duck & Goose Calling can do with limited controls though.

Android users will be able to make of the call answering abilities but, depending on their phone, might lose out with some of the other features. Price aside, these are some of the more balanced Beats headphones out there and Corrie - Desired Beats EP pair of cans that show progression. Yes, having an additional connection cutout would taint the sleek aesthetic, but it would make the EPs a more flexible on-ear option. These are the Beats headphones for the everyman.

A more balanced, well rounded sound will appeal to the masses, while touches of the classic Beats look will appease those who demand their headphones are as much Corrie - Desired Beats EP a fashion accessory as they are audio enablers. For the money, the Beats EP are hard to fault. You could easily play more for worse. Holiday Guide Home Reviews Audio. For Affordable price tag Solid sound for the price Cool, comfortable design. Design The Beats look is an iconic one.

We liked Price aside, these are some of the more balanced Beats headphones out there and a pair of cans that show progression. Final verdict These are the Beats headphones for the everyman. For a look at the competition, check out our guide to Bagpipes From Baghdad - Eminem - Relapse: Refill (File) best on-ear headphones.


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The Beats EP are Beats headphones for the masses. Offering a more balanced sound and cheaper price tag than their big brothers, they appeal while still offering that iconic logo that’s so /5.