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In Gothic Archways - Nattvindens Gråt - Chaos Without Theory

Label: Solistitium Records - SOL 012 • Format: CD Album, Promo • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Doom Metal
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Translate Email Print. Sethian Seal 2. The Dance From Beyond 3. Sleep Eternal In Gothic Archways 4. Thelemite 6. Sadoeroticart 7.

Chaos Without Theory 8. Liquid Silent Dreams 9. Sorrow's Shroud. Sethian Seal "Wande in peace O Great Pharaoh to the land of Osiris in the west No one will disturb your peace without punishment, the brotherhood will guard your rest" Under the burning desert sun seven men shoveled away hot sand To discover the door to an ancient tomb where rested the one born of a divine womb When the door was discovered they opened it with greed They didn't know what was to become their destiny The protector of this tomb was The Curse of the Netherworld, it wanted them dead The Curse of the Netherworld, the Sethial seal "We warn you vile intruders, do never break this seal Let the God on earth rule this hall alone, do not defy the power of the ancients" Without caring about warnings the men broke into the tomb with golden glitter in their eyes The vast richdom theu carried away to their homes only laughing at the curse as a joke For two weeks they enjoyed the life of a magnate Until the breaker fell into a coma and In Gothic Archways - Nattvindens Gråt - Chaos Without Theory be saved He had defied The Curse of the Netherworld After his death the thieves started to drop like flies until even the last one of them had died They all had defied The Dance From Beyond When I lay down on my sheets and close my eyes In sweat I wait for her to come and to enter my mind Still one moment I always dive into sweet unconsciousness in the silence of the night The very moment I fall asleep my soul is torn off into a dream A shadow with a female shape takes my hand and leads me Over the forests and hills we fly among the clouds in nightly sky until we arrive at a glade Where the shadows gather at night The shadows dance in the night on the edge of two worlds, their foreplay to the kingdom come The shadows dance in the night where past and present collide, the bridge for mortals unexplored Between two elms I stand marroned on the edge of the glade While waiting to get back I watch the shadow's obscene plain Every now and then a flame flashes and washes away a few souls through the gates of hell where He calls them to fulfill their fates Twelve nights I've had this dream haunting me constantly by the dawn She has always come and taken me back from this fantasy But now the shadows surround me calling me enchantingly they grab me by my hands And lead Aint Gonna Let My Boogie Roll On You - Che & Ray - Boogie Party towards the gates of no return Sleep Eternal In Gothic Archways Nocturnal mist falls down like the shroud of a ghost of centuries pass I walk alone through the monuments of remembrance This drizzle chills my bones as the sound of steps across my resting place In Gothic Archways - Nattvindens Gråt - Chaos Without Theory the questions should the accuser finally come after me Don't believe in saviour and now I know I never will Touched JusquIci Tout Va Bien - Demi Portion - Dragon Rash indifference, touched by In Gothic Archways - Nattvindens Gråt - Chaos Without Theory hand of fate unseen Gardens of stone become a monument of my mortality, there is no heaven Hell has always been right here with me Death is not the end, perhaps a gate to sleep eternal, I shall begin my journey to unknown Calmness enthralls me, I see the beauty of her soothing hands I sense the footfall, she enters and she takes takes me by my hand The darkness takes me, lead through in the misty veil of tears I am at peace now In love with the eternal rest to be My chilling friend you come for me, unhallowed end the rest to be Calm as you come Cuban Love Song - Edmundo Ros - Cuban Love Song me, I come undone right in your hand that touches me.

Thelemite A moonbeam Youre My Rock - Tom Autry - Blood Of The Lamb down from the tiny window to greet me trying to create some light in this lonely darkness In these halls amongst the gothic images I dwell, created by artists living when I entered this hell Yes friends since centuries I've haunted here forlorn, I know every single brick in these castle's walls Gargoyles on the roof are my only friends, only yearning thoughts can I to my beloved send I yearn her warmth and the gaze In Gothic Archways - Nattvindens Gråt - Chaos Without Theory her eyes, though it has been ages since the world heard her last sigh Still I'm sure we will meet whenever I reach the beyond between our hearts there has always been An unbreakable bond For centuries I've tried to sove the secret of gold, until I manage I'm trapped in these archways cold Ages back the lord I served gave me this task, must find the answer though it might forever last All these endless nights I carry out experiments on how to make make gold Confidence eroded, but still hard at heart I know I must go on People passing by at night can hear me sighing for my life I only want to know would the lord have cursed me if it wasn't his wife?

Sadoeroticart To catch the rays of the lunar aura, sepulchral vow of fullmoon My heart pounds faster and bestial instincts arise I'm refusing to bow, looking at your world raising my howl Without mercy or bad conscience I'll watch it die I have it in my heart I have it in my soul, every night the mankind's fall Don't feel heavenly grace but inernal might when I come out looking for you I hyave it in my heart I have it in my soul, force the people mystified Feeding force of anger, power from within, I'm killing the human inside "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law", weaklings never succeed never oh no The nights I gather anger, the days I hide the need, just waiting for dusk and come and Glowing In Gothic Archways - Nattvindens Gråt - Chaos Without Theory to arrive Chaos World Class Wreckin Cru* - Turn Off The Lights Theory The touch of rubber and clatter of chains, electric pulses from the brain, the ardour flowing Through the nerves, a passage to eleventh heaven, pulses travel through chaotic seas Painting the eyes with different scenes, visions bouncing back and forth like laser beams The Sadovenus, open her veils, the veils to the art of pain Riding, diving, up and down the waves of pleasure and pain Climbing, sliding, the black silver rainbow from skin to brain The beauty of pain, the angel in chains, underlying monsters will exacerbate The beauty of pain, the angel in chains, dark side of Venus burns like a flame Separate - Kiss - Kiss : Концерты, Сольные Проекты in the dark abyss in the fountain of Sodom roars thye jailed beast under a thin exogenous web Out of the dungeon the nightside calls, the beast crawls and the art unfolds The man of moral and righteousness hides face in shame 8.

Liquid Silent Dreams The children of banishment, souls overcast in abandon, with gaunt backs bowed in servitude Let your fever grow in thine spirit awakening, life is but an interlude The stubborn beast called flesh alive, Eros and Thanatos interwined, I'm beyond your experience These souls of black defying light, devoid of colors, refuse to die, I'm beyond your experience The ghosts that haunt the weak, that torture me by nightfall are voices from within my guilt When all our hopes of pride and justice to be done are pierced by falsehood for a nail Come into the courts of manhood and be weighed down Cast into the pit of reprisal within your mind, not me Come look into the mirror of dreams and face the agony See the reason why despisal is your part before me So we find chos without the theory outside the guilding light So we Alcohol Might Take Me There - Jonas Lindgren - Minimalistic Soulrebel EP madness without the method amidst the ancient night Is this illusion not of this world but a dream within a dream?

Is this dreamworld a were punishment, a punishment for me? Sorrow's Shroud There's a silence in this empty head that reaches the furthest corners Til where my eyes can see there's utter emptiness and I'm crawling towards the border Brooding gloom is everywhere, I'm mixing my blood with chemistry Chemical shelter where the world fades out I'm dodging the silver tears Haphazard run-ins with eternity O'm soaring to touch infinity Searching bounds of my wretchyed brain my soul squirms naked in red rain This station lacks arrival, departures well at hand, queuing for destruction of demand Blackened thoughts surround this cage of bone that shelters my liquid mind I'm searching I'm swimming through the darkness where unknown horrors fly Earth is far beneath me yet I cannot touch the sky Here be monsters, far In Gothic Archways - Nattvindens Gråt - Chaos Without Theory near, celestial melodies that my ears can't hear I'm falling down, I'm searing up and everything in between I'm falling down, I'm soaring up between joy and spleen All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

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Sethian Seal Lyrics: "Wande in peace O Great Pharaoh to the land of Osiris in the west / No one will disturb your peace without punishment, the brotherhood will guard your rest" / Under the burning.